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SAKAMOTO COFFEE(サカモト コーヒー) photo
SAKAMOTO COFFEE(サカモト コーヒー) photo
Main cuisine Sweets and desserts
Payment methods Credit cards accepted, electronic money accepted
Smoking/non-smoking Non-smoking
Seating capacity 6
Seats Counter seating
Open for lunch No
Service in English no
English menu Yes
Photo menu no

SAKAMOTO COFFEE is the perfect café to pop into for a quick break. The owner will make a special cup for you using coffee beans sourced from various regions. The popular café latte is made using milk from Sasaki Bokujo dairy. The combination of the sweet milk and the aromatic coffee will help you unwind and the gorgeous coffee art on top will make you smile. The café also offers scones in a variety of flavors that change regularly and include berry and rum raisin. Everything on the menu can be made to take out so be sure to drop in.

Address 1F Maison Takatoku, 1-12 Satsukicho, Fukushima City
Reservations and enquiries 080-9017-7335
Open 8am-6pm (12pm-10pm Fridays)
Closed Sundays